Stuff I'm Crushing On.

I've been a creative pro for 15+ years. I work to engage and entertain. I've made lots of ads, won some awards, and helped build a few notable brands. My pulse races when I create and/or experience something that’s innovative and well crafted. This is an ongoing edit of projects, people, and things that are doing just that.

Carbon Neutral Materials
History will surely look at back on this moment as being an amazing time of technological advancement and innovation.  We've all heard, with power comes responsibly and discerning how we use technology for humanities betterment  is vital. Carbon Neutral materials are one example of technology for the greater good, and for that, I'm crushing hard.  
Green Spaces
Let's face it, our planet is a living, breathing organism and we need to consider this if we are to survive. We all need the green. Designing urban space with more organic matter in mind is a  good place to start.
Experience Design
Experience design is installation art on steroids. Artists such as Japans Yayoi Kusuma have been creating spacial experiences for decades, although a new breed of tech-driven experience artists are popping up faster than we can snap and share. Creating branded environments or experiences has enormous commercial, as well as therapeutic, potential. Enabling people to step out of their element temporarily is like a vacation for the mind sans the withdrawal and with an upshot for earned media.