I'm a multi-disciplined creative with a background in art and concept.

I've been called many things, but please call me robin.

Las Vegas for Rolling Stone Magazine
Art Direction | Campaign Concept | Print Design | Photo Direction
Las Vegas Madison Square Garden TakeOver
Art Direction | Campaign Concept | Design
Los Angeles Zoo
Art direction | Logo | Intergated Campaign | Script Development | Storyboarding
What Happens in Vegas...
Art Direction | Concept | Campaign Development
Website for a rad book
Creative Direction | UX/UI | Graphic Design
Broadcast & Cinema
Art Direction | Script Writing
L'Oréal /// Clarisonic
Graphic Design | Typography
Vegas B2B
Art Direction | Concept | Photo Direction
Nevada Gaming /// Advocacy
Concept | Art Direction | Photo Direction
NV Energy /// Utility
Art Direction | Graphic Design
An Energy Drink Launch
Concept | Graphic Design | Art Direction
Art Direction | Graphic Design | Photo Direction