These are a few spots I lead and/or co-authored—providing  foundational direction with scripts and storyboarding—selling the concepts to internal stakeholders and agency clients. My favorite part of this work is not only idea generation, but collaborating with talented teams on-set and in post, providing guidance for key decisions from casting to wardrobe, props and locations as well as finishing. The short videos and smaller budgets were produced with internal resources, where I was responsible for not only concepts, but also motion graphics and edit.

Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge // Director Kurt Rauf // Client: Catholic Charities
Creative Director: Ron Lopez // Copywriter: Tony Marin // Director: Kurt Rauf 
"A Dollar in Vegas" // ACD: Mark Naparstek // Client: UNICEF 
"Misinterpretation" // CD: Arnie DiGeorge // Copywriter: Christian Durrett // Client: LVCVA 
G Pay Retail Concepts // Animator: Sisi Lee // Client: Google 
Gallo Family // IG x Facebook // In-House E.J. Gallo Vineyards

"Shade" :30 // Broadcast // Caesars Palace
ECD: Benjamin Fruehauf // Client: LA Zoo 
ECD: Benjamin Fruehauf // Client: LA Zoo