Vegas concert series

ROLE: Art Direction | Design | Concept | Visual narratives | Art Buying (illustration) | Creative lead

The client wanted to brand Las Vegas as a music destination and we gave them a reason why a concert is better there. To reach concert go-er's, we took over all the media in and around Madison Square Garden New York City and other concert venues. Our team and I developed the message in support of the Vegas brand, and designed the campaign structure and aesthetic to stand out and engage as people the move around the arena. 
The ads drove people to, where our team created one of the first of the cities comprehensive databases connecting concert events with both nearby dinning and nightlife. Upon purchasing concert tickets, visitors where prompted to "Play Louder" and amp-up the night by pairing the event with dinner reservations and more — fulfilling expectations of the offering as a bigger (and louder) concert experience.

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