Vegas + Rolling Stone
The client wanted to sell concert tickets, so we partnered with Rolling Stone to run a series and positioned the city as a concert destination offering unlike any other
I conceptualized, designed, and directed each scenario with an upscale rock n' roll vibe, and commissioned a renowned stylist and photographic studio to bring the photos to life.
With the help of a junior designer, I did text and graphics in post. Maintaining tight reigns on the composition, layout, and color palette along the way ensured a quick read in their simplicity. I still have the initial sketches and the results just as I intended.

Food + Wine Partnership (Celebrity Chefs)
As the first of the brands LGBTQ communications, I created visual concepts for the "What Happens Here, Stays Here." campaign, welcoming the community. "Tan Lines" was honored with a nomination from GLAAD Media and awarded gold at the regional Addys.
Couples Initiative 
Travel is generally down in the first quarter, so I was tasked designing a program that enticed couples to Vegas in the spirit of Valentine's Day and March Madness. 
With the brands renowned equity in escapism this proved to be challenge, but I found a way-in that still allowed couples "me" time while showing-off the cities offerings.
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Vegas + Vogue
Vegas wasn't always known for designer shopping, so when the worlds top fashion houses set-up shop our agency bought space in Vogue to get peoples attention.
With the insight that people come to Vegas to be the person they can't be at home, we created a brand story reminiscent of clichéd cosmetic ads, but with a twist that invited would-be-fashionistas to join the fun, in style, even if they aren't runway ready. 
I commissioned a highly regarded fashion photographer to produce the images on location, and designed the infographics and added super-glossy fashion retouching to play up the irony.