Grand Traverse Resort : Our Challenge
For groups and independent travelers alike, Grand Traverse Resort is an “experience generator,” and our job is to convey the meaning and feeling of those experiences by every means available.
Through compelling imagery and emotive language, the brand’s unique promise and diverse appeal emerges, enabling the resort to occupy a distinct, memorable and unassailable position within the competitive landscape, while simultaneously prompting consumers to engage in the resort’s manifold activities and diversions – because ultimately, a brand is all about experiences.
Here's to keeping it real.
Deep-fake videos. Knock-off designer bags. Email scams. Identity theft. With every passing day, it gets harder and harder to tell what's real from what's not. So when we do come across something authentic, something true, we tend to embrace it. Which explains why so many of us gravitate to people and places free of artifice and pretense.
Northern Michigan is such a place. Traverse City, in particular.
Life here is simple and straightforward. Denizens spend their days either on the water, or in it. They stroll flawless fairways, explore serene woodlands, and shop the same stores their grandparents did.
And if you're lucky enough to visit this rare form of paradise, prepare to receive more than your fair share of genuine smiles and nods, friendly hellos and firm handshakes. The favorite pastime of locals here is...well, being themselves – and it's infectious. You find your guard going down, and your spirits trending up.  And suddenly, you rediscover what a joy it is to be your authentic self, in a place as true as you are.