Speaking the language of any culture.
The challenge was communicating the product benefit across diverse linguistic and multicultural audiences while appealing to moms (a.k.a. the laundry decision makers) in the spirit of back-to-school. With the insight that many young students in LATAM wear white button-down shirts as uniforms, my partner and I at Saatchi & Saatchi crafted an idea that's clear in any language.
From Concept and Design through Production
As art director, I created concept and designed the visual layout to be simple yet impactful, cropping the shirt to provide just enough context to draw the eye down the page. Working with an independent photo studio, we literally threw ketchup at the wall to get the shape of the die-cut stain-sticker just right to reveal the message behind it when lifted. In addition, I handled post-production, setting-up the die-cut mechanical files, along with re-touching and color correction.