It's got to be Tide.
Our team at Saatchi & Saatchi New York lead Tide P&G for US Hispanic-LATAM and our communications needed to resonate across different languages and cultures. The challenge was communicating both a back-to-school message as well as the product benefit without the benefit of body copy. With the insight that students in the region wear white button-down uniforms, my partner and I crafted an idea that's clear in any language.
As art director, I ideated the concept and designed the visual direction to be simple yet impactful —cropping the shirt to provide just enough context in order to draw the eye down the page. I worked with a photo studio, repeatedly throwing ketchup at the wall to get the form of the die-cut stain-sticker to perfectly reveal the message behind it when lifted. In addition, I handled post-production—setting-up the die-cut production files, along with re-touching and image color correction. The ad ran throughout South America.