Las Vegas Music + Madison Square Garden
The client wanted to sell concert tickets, so we positioned Las Vegas as a concert destination...the first to do so! Our team bought literally all the media at Madison Square Garden in New York City, as well as other concert venues, so as AD, I recognized the challenge to design a campaign to be visually unified, yet continually delight with unique executions as captive audiences moved around the arena.
Driving Traffic, Sales, and Tourism
The out-of-home drove people to where they could customize their vacation around a concert. Our team complied the cities first comprehensive database enabling multi-business search and booking by proximity. We designed the UX/UI to prompt visitors to "Play Louder" by pairing a selected event with nearby dining and afterparties — fulfilling the campaign promise in only Vegas style.
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Advertising Concept
Integrated Campaign System​​​​​​​
Creative Direction
Interactive Design
Digital Video Production
Creative Team Leadership

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