Defining a product unlike any other.
The clients unique SaaS product needed to clarify the USP in order to establish an engaging brand. Like many start-ups, they struggled to define where their greatest point of value and dial into what resonates with consumers. 
Collaborating with the clients marketing and dev team, we developed a visual direction that feels at home in the tech space, yet appeals to the senior demographic with a type system and color palette that are anything but retro.
My team and I created both website UX/UI and collateral, along with original content while working closely with the client copy lead to hone and simplify communications. 
Results that speak to users and investors.
Now with a comprehensive visual language and own-able position across print and digital, the client had a set of tools that communicated the offering, resulting in increased valuation and ultimately the purchase of the company. onM
Contribution and Credits
Brand Design Systems 
Creative Development 
Digital Design
Print Production
Content Design and Infographics
UX/UI and Prototyping
Website User-Flow
Photographer: Anna Liisa-Nixon