Summer of 78°
The electrical utility client wanted customers to keep their thermostats at 78 degrees during the hottest summer months. With desert temps running in the triple digits, this required a lighthearted approach along with a memorable call-to-action, making The Summer of 78° a moment, and message, to remember.​​​​​​​
Collaborating with writer Tony Marin and art lead Jessica Hazen, I developed TV and print with an initial low-budget for proof of concept using a mix of stock, later shooting on-set and in-studio, proving mood for wardrobe and aesthetics keeping the look grounded in the 1970's kitsch.
Contribution + Credits
 Art Direction
Script Development
Set Direction
Graphics + Motion Direction
Creative Director: Ron Lopez
Copywriter: Miles Nebeker and Tony Marin
Logo Flag: Randy Heil
Photographer: Cheryl O'Gara
Director: Kurt Rauf
Editor: Kevin Anderson x FilmCore
Visual Effects: Pete Mayor x Vendetta Post
Audio/Sound Design: Tim West x Pop Sound
Music: Pat Woodland Productions