Summer of 78 Degrees
The electrical utility client wanted customers to keep their thermostats at 78° during the hottest summer months. With temps running in the triple digits, this required a lighthearted approach along with a memorable call-to-action — making The Summer of 78 Degrees a time, and message, to remember.​​​​​​​
Collaboration from Concept to Final Edit
Working closely with my writer and creative director, I developed the ad concepts and scripts, collaborating throughout the entire creative and production process — from casting and on-set direction to finalizing color and edits in post. For print, we had no budget to speak of, so I designed the campaign template using just stock photos, retro-fitting funny scenarios with my writer, but once the campaign became a hit, got a small budget to shoot original photography for the ongoing series. 
And yes, we actually got to run an ad with "bogart" in the headline, but many others ended in the trash. It was super fun to work on, especially the contraption to make it appear like the shoe was spinning through the air (See commercial below).
 Art Direction + Visual Design
Ad Concept
 Script Development
On-Set Direction
Treatment + Editing
Graphics + Motion Direciton