Bringing the 70's back and thermostats down
In the Nevada desert with temperatures running in the triple digits, our agencies regional electrical-utility client wanted a way to encourage consumers to keep their thermostats up to prevent over-burdening the power grid.
Our team developed both TV and print for the campaign, providing script and aesthetic direction along with graphic systems and concepts that grounded the campaign in retro 1970's kitsch, providing for a light-hearted, yet memorable, approach to get the word out.
Contribution + Credits
 Art Direction
Visual Treatment
Campaign  Design
Script Development
On-Set Story Direction 
Graphics and Motion Direction
Creative Director: Ron Lopez
Copywriter: Miles Nebeker and Tony Marin
Logo Flag: Randy Heil
Photographer: Cheryl O'Gara
Director: Kurt Rauf
Editor: Kevin Anderson x FilmCore
Visual Effects: Pete Mayor x Vendetta Post
Audio/Sound Design: Tim West x Pop Sound
Music: Pat Woodland Productions