Integrated and In-Your-Face
The client wanted to sell concert tickets in Las Vegas, so we positioned the city as a music destination. Utilizing all the media at Madison Square Garden as well as other concert venues, I was tasked with creating a campaign that tells story without competing with our media hosts own concert offerings. With the unique and large media-buy, I recognized the challenge to continually engage and delight captive audiences.
I created a campaign design system to support multiple executional concepts with legs expand, along with a singular message. Iconic two-color imagery entices engagement with simple concepts that evoke the tone the brand and subject. The visual simplicity and bold color palate not only connects the campaign, but also can't be ignored the visually cluttered concert arena.
Driving Traffic, Sales, and Tourism
The out-of-home effort drove traffic to There, users can plan a Vegas vacation around a their favorite act or concert. Out team complied the first comprehensive database enabling event search and booking by proximity. Upon selection, users were prompted to "Play Louder" by pairing a selected event with nearby dining and afterparties, fulfilling the campaigns unique selling proposition in Only Vegas style.
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