The challenge was to position Las Vegas as concert destination unlike any other for the readers of Rolling Stone Magazine. With the insight that bands are often seen on the casino floor, we recognized that Vegas provides unique access for fans. My copywriter partner and I developed each conceptual scenario, and I directed photo duo Remiers + Hollar and their team to bring the images to life with an upscale rock n' roll vibe.
Strategic Insight : Las Vegas provides unique access to The Band.
Fashionistas do Vegas their way.
When the worlds top fashion houses set-up retail shops in Las Vegas our team at R&R Partners placed ads in Vogue magazine. With the insight that people come to Vegas to be the person they can't be at home, we invited would-be-fashionistas to join in on the fun, even if they weren't runway ready. ​​​​​​​
Engaging diverse audiences in a visual language
Among the earliest LGBTQ+ communications for the destination (ABOVE), we delivered the message of inclusivity while remaining true to the brands equity in adult freedom without the default rainbows. "Tan Lines" was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award and won Addys Gold while "Lipstick won silver.
Vegas Summer Initiative 
Illustrator: Tristan Eaton​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Couples Initiative 
With travel typically down in first quarter, our team was tasked with creating a program that enticed couples to Las Vegas in the spirt of Valentines Day and March Madness. In support the destinations brand equity in escapism, I found the way-in that still allowed couples "me time" while showcasing both the "his and her" sports and spa offerings respectfully.