Las Vegas  x  Music 
The challenge was to position Las Vegas as concert destination unlike any other for Rolling Stone Magazine. With the insight that a concert ticket buys unique access to the band, my partner and I developed each scenario and I directed legendary photo duo Remiers + Hollar and their team to bring the mages to life with an upscale rock n' roll vibe.
Fashion Retail & LGBTQ 
When the worlds top fashion houses set-up retail shops in Las Vegas our team at R&R Partners placed ads in Vogue magazine. With the insight that people come to Vegas to be the person they can't be at home, we invited would-be-fashionistas to join in on the fun, even if they weren't runway ready. 
Among the earliest LGBTQ communications for the destination (BELOW), the challenge was to provide send a message of freedom and inclusivity while remaining true to the brands equity. "Tan Lines" was honored with a nomination for a GLAAD Media Awards they each won Addys .
Las Vegas Tourism  x  Culinary Event
Summer Initiative // Print 
Illustrator: Tristan Eaton​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Couples Initiative 
With travel typically down in first quarter, our team was tasked with creating a program that enticed couples to Las Vegas in the spirt of Valentines Day and March Madness. In support the destinations brand equity in escapism, I found the way-in that still allowed couples "me time" while showcasing both the "his and her" sports and spa offerings respectfully.