Be the Office Hero.
With hundreds of thousands of feet of meeting and convention space to fill, the challenge was to position Las Vegas as a destination for meetings without compromising the brands known equity as a leisure destination. 
R&R Partners and I uncovered insights to convey the benefit and the unique offering while remaining true to the leisure brand, neither suggesting nor denying, your company cohort may show up at the meeting hung-over. Regardless your team will certainly praise you for not sending them not Des Moines. You may even become an office legend.
From strategy to promotions and package design
I crafted each personality and their respective cubicles to be as relatable as our real-life office colleagues. Working with a renowned type-designer I directed the look of iconic comic-book headlines and hired legendary photographer Jim Fiscus to bring the campaign to life at Silver Cup Studios.
The campaign ran in trade magazines, online, and OOH. We also made trading-cards and distributed them at meeting planner trade-shows (yes, there is such a thing.) along with a true-to-form limited-edition animated lenticular card making them the most buzzed about promotion at the events.
Art Director/Creative Director
On-Set Direction
Strategic Concept
Visual Concept
Type Direction
Art Buying 
Post and Color Correction 
Package Design
Photography and Set Production: Jim Fiscus